Projects: La Ritualist & What's Next

I just posted the last drawing in my La Ritualist series.  I am sitting here reflecting on the project and want to share two excerpts from my envision book (side note on the envision book - this was a gift from one of my dearest friends.  It is sort of like a journal, but instead of hashing out my day to day, the envision book is filled with goals, visions and things that I want to practice to make my life better... in essence, I envision my future in it).

I made a list while I was in Colombia last winter and I really think these three things were at the core of La Ritualist:

  • Fill yourself with love
  • Live with purpose
  • Give yourself freely


This excerpt is from the early fall, when I was halfway through the La Ritualist Project.  

Ritual - practice gratitude to water, especially when you drink it.  Practice  gratitude to your body for it's ability to take you places.  Practice gratitude to your mind for it's powers of logic and reason.  Practice gratitude to your heart for it's openness and love and for it's ability to heal.  Practice gratitude to your gut for it's powers of intuition.  Listen to your gut.  Listen to your heart.  Temper your mind.  Do not allow your mind to stop your heart and gut from your spiritual quest.  Connection is possible.  


For me, the ritual of making art quiets my mind to the point where I can leave myself completely.  It is my way to connect with the energy that surrounds us, creates us, and binds us to each other and everything on this planet, in this galaxy, in this universe.  Which brings me to my next project: an exploration of my experience with Time.  I will share more as the project develops.