Projects: Timestamp

As I embark on my next project (Timestamp), I am pondering the notion of time.  It is such a modern thing to be so obsessed with archiving time, down to the minute or even second.  How does the time of day or my time-state affect my art/ meditation?  As an aside, I am purposely differentiating between time of day and my time-state because I have an odd schedule.  I work late at night, so my time-state of "waking up" can happen at 11am or noon, while "mid-day" might be 6pm.  

I read this article in Hyperallergic today about Donald Olsen, a forensic astronomer who pinpointed the exact time that Claude Monet's “The Cliff, Étretat, Sunset” was painted.  Or rather, the moment in time which he sought to capture, since this is of course not a photograph.  It took him much longer than this moment in time to actually create the painting.  It is such a contemporary desire to even pinpoint this moment though, don't you think?  Our everyday interaction with archiving technologies like email, texting and chat has reprogrammed us to be hyperaware of time - when the last text was sent, how long between responses, etc.  If you are wondering, according to Olsen, Monet observed this sunset on Feb. 5, 1883 at 4:53 p.m. local mean time.